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Know the brief introduction of ChatGPT

Even if the number of people who have not heard of ChatGPT in 2023 is multiplied by hand, almost all of us who are connected to the internet in one way or another know about ChatGPT. Many of us think chatgpt is very intelligent due to its many functions, but today we will find out how intelligent it really is or not at all. So let's go to the main discussion.

What is AI or Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a technology through which a computing device i.e. where computing (meaning the machine can be written and given instructions) can be done, it is possible to do any analytical work. This does not mean that the machine can do anything or think for itself. The point is that the machine is pre-fed a large amount of data or information and is pre-instructed (programmed) on how to review the data and show what output. The added advantage of AI or artificial intelligence is that these machines can learn from their mistakes, that is, if they are unable to follow an instruction, they remember it and later they try to show the output in a different way without making this mistake. As a result, the device gradually becomes efficient in displaying results or following instructions accurately. And gradually try to improve it. Many experts strongly believe that this AI or Artificial Intelligence will play a leading role in the progress of the modern world.

Know the brief introduction of ChatGPT

What exactly is chatgpt?

To know the answer to the question of what is ChatGPT, first you need to know what AI or Artificial Intelligence is (hopefully the readers have at least understood what AI or Artificial Intelligence is). Basically like other AI tools ChatGPT is also an AI tool but it has some special features. While other AI tools can do a lot of work, humans can't talk to them naturally. That is, suppose you write a poem with an AI bot, now you can't tell it "make the poem longer". Then the AI tool won't catch it. But this is where ChatGipt makes a breakthrough. It can remember human instructions. You You can have long conversations with chatgpt if you want. Since chatgpt remembers your commands, you can chat with it naturally like you would with any of your friends…


Who or who caused this great revolution?

The chatbot called ChatGPT was released on 30 November 2022 by OpenAI ( This is a research project. Despite being a research project, ChatGPT broke all previous records by gaining more than 1 million (100000+) users in the first 5 days. While it took Facebook 5 years to reach 1 million users, Pinterest took 6 months, ChatGPT reached 1 million users in just 5 days. ChatGPT caused quite a stir in the whole world.

ChatGPT is programmed using the popular programming language Python. Almost all information up to the year 2020 has been inputted in ChatGPT. As a result, this chatbot can give (almost) acceptable answers to all questions by analyzing all the data.

Currently there are 2 versions of chatgpt. One is the original ChatGPT i.e. the first version 3.5 and the other is ChatGPT 4. However, while ChatGPT 3.5 is open and free for everyone, ChatGPT 4 is premium (users have to pay $20 per month to use ChatGPT 4, as of June 26, 2023). ChatGPT 4 is much more powerful than ChatGPT 3.5. Advanced analytical capabilities as well. As a result, users will get faster, more accurate, more informative answers instantly.

What is ChatGPT? OpenAI's Chat GPT Explained

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