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Google Adsense Account Approval Tricks


Google AdSense account approval! Many people want to know about it now. Friends, as we know, if want to earn online taka income from our website or blog, then we need to have fully authorized google adsense account. So today I will tell you about the way to get Google AdSense 2022.

Google Adsense account approval tricks:

Above all, in this post I will talk about 7 ways to get Google AdSense, because I have done multiple Google AdSense account approval so far.

Google AdSense approval 2022 is very difficult now, but following the rules you can easily get Google Adsense. So you need to know the ways to get Google Adsense well.

Currently Google AdSense is the only ad network which is trusted and compliant among all the ad networks.

Google helps people to increase their income and earn more from online. So from 2017, Google is also giving approval to Bangla written sites.

However, as time goes by, even Bengali blogs are having trouble getting Google AdSense approval. If you want to know Google AdSense account approval trick in Bangla then stay with us.

For instance, when we apply for Google Adsense account approval for our website or blog, very few people get approved easily.

Above all, you need to know what is the biggest reason behind it and how to get google adsense.

How to get Google Adsense. Why Google Adsense account is not getting approved:

Remember we don't know why we don't get approval. Other people don't give you accurate information after getting Google Adsense.

You get so many tutorials on the internet that will only confuse you.

If you don't know the way to get Google AdSense and how you can get approved, don't worry about Google AdSense account approval. Therefore, read this post from start to end because we have told all these things in this post Google AdSense approval trick in Bangla, by which You can get your Google Adsense account approved. Friends, Google Adsense is an online advertising network. Which is managed by Google. Above all, first of all you need to know why google adsense account is not giving approval for our website or blog, if you know this then this post will help you to get 100% approval.

Because when you solve that problem your website or blog will be promoted to get Google AdSense.

By solving the problems you can get your Google Adsense account approval very easily.

For instance, remember that I had to try three times to get my site Google AdSense approval.

Above all, the first two times I got you rejected by Google Adsense. Stay tuned to know everything.

How to get Google Adsense?Why Google Adsense account is not getting approved:

Friends, to get Google AdSense approval, you have to follow some rules given by Google. Only then you can get Google Adsense account approval easily.

If you focus on the things to approve, you can easily get Google Adsense account approved.

1. Website Or Blog design:

First, to get Google AdSense approval you need to customize your website, following some rules of Google.

Install a Simple and Professional Theme/templates on your website and keep mobile friendly responsive design.

However, if your theme has a good navigation system, it will help you get Google AdSense approval.


No matter which platform you use Blogger OR wordpress you must use a custom domain name.

A custom domain name will help you get Google AdSense in addition to helping you create a personal branding.


Content is the King – That is, your writing is the king for you. It is 100% true that you will get Google AdSense approval quickly if your content or articles are unique.

High-quality content and unique content will set you apart from others.

Many new bloggers, they write content by copying others and think we have created our new content.

But you should know that Google is not that stupid these days. If you believe that you will get Google Adsense account approval by copy content, then forget dreaming.

Each of your posts should be at least 500 words long and 100% original to get Google AdSense approval.

This increases your AdSense approval chances by 90%. The more detailed you are in your article, the better it is for your blog.

4. Blog Domain Age – Your domain age:

As per Google guidelines, some countries in Asia have some AdSense restrictions in place.

Accordingly, currently if you apply for AdSense before 6 months you will not get Google AdSense approval.

Or else your application is highly likely to be rejected. But if the content is good, Google does not delay much.

Because I got google adsense approval on one of my blogs in just 2 months.


If you want to get a Google AdSense account approval, you need to create important pages.

About us, Contact us, Privacy policy, Disclaimer page should be created.

Until 2020, Google AdSense approval was obtained even if you did not create a disclaimer page, but now it is necessary to create a disclaimer page to get approval.


Google Webmaster Tools reviews websites on a daily basis.

Friends connect your website to google webmaster tools new name Google Search Console and see the data from Google about the website.

7. Blog/Website Visitor:

Google prefers real visitors, it is important to expect some visitors from google search results on your site to get Google AdSense account approval.

Don't get too many visitors from social networking sites at first.

You can buy visitors for your blog, but for that you need to forget AdSense approval.

Because Adsense doesn't like paid traffic. Even if your account is approved, it won't take you long to lose it.

If 50 real visitors come to your blog every day, apply for Google AdSense account approval, which will make your way to get Google Adsense easier.

However, Google never tells you about your visitors. But I tell you that you will.

Google AdSense account approval trick will be 100% tips

Create user-friendly Categories, Menus, Footer and Header on your blog and write good quality new content on the website.

You will not use any ad network alternative to AdSense until you get AdSense approval.

In addition, post your website by checking first 30 posts 1000 words and 100% plagiarism free to get google adsense.

However, this number of posts is not applicable to all categories.

There are some categories that even writing 4 to 10 posts in all categories can get approval in Google Adsense.

Get Google AdSense Approval Without Content in 24 Hours !

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