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These new WhatsApp features are going to come in 2023

These new WhatsApp features (Upcoming New Whatsapp Features List in Bengali) are coming.

At present, most of the people scattered around the world are using the instant messaging platform called WhatsApp to keep in touch with their friends or family.

This Meta-owned app has been adopted by residents of several countries including India mainly due to offering more facilities and countless useful features compared to other communication platforms.

For example, a few months ago, the app had launched a feature to share media files up to 2 GB in size for the convenience of users.

Simultaneously – Send photos and videos under 'Communities', 'view once' privacy feature to connect multiple groups together, video calling with up to 32 people, add 1,024 members to groups and message Several features like Message Reaction were recently added to this platform.

And now there are whispers that meta-leader Mark Zuckerberg has created a huge upcoming feature.

As a result, both WhatsApp Business and Personal editions will see a bunch of new features by the end of this year and throughout 2023.

We have included in this report various under-development features as well as 'confirmed' features, the details of which are as follows.

1. Screenshot block:

The Meta-owned instant messaging platform is currently conducting beta testing of a special feature called 'Screenshot Block'.

Speaking of functionality, the screenshot-blocking feature will prevent users from taking screenshots of videos and photos sent under the 'View Once' option.

Simply put, this feature allows users to enable “Screen Recording and Capturing Restrictions” on media files for added security.

By late 2022 or early 2023, all WhatsApp users will be able to access the screenshot block feature.

2. Clickable WhatsApp Status Links:

With this feature users can enable hyperlink URL in caption while uploading status on WhatsApp too like Facebook or Instagram 'Stories'.

Due to which status viewers can access the URL by clicking the link directly.

3. WhatsApp Business Premium:

Telegram launched premium service for their users few months ago.

And now WhatsApp has also decided to launch a subscription-based premium service for their business account holders.

Due to which WhatsApp Business users can access additional facilities than others.

For example – options like creating custom business links and using the same account on more than four devices may be available under this feature.

4. Business Tools Tab for WhatsApp Business Version:

Soon WhatsApp Business users will see a new tab called Business Tools at the top of their app's home screen.

This new tab will allow users to access quick business tools from the home screen instead of going to in-app settings.

Even the upcoming tab – company profile, will include Instagram and Facebook ad connectivity.

5. Avatar:

The avatar feature, which has already been launched on Facebook and Instagram, may soon be seen on WhatsApp as well.

WABetaInfo, WhatsApp's feature tracking site, has revealed the arrival of this upcoming feature.

According to reports, avatars can be used as a masked sticker while making video calls from WhatsApp.

6. Companion Mode – Multi-Device Scan:

The upcoming companion mode on WhatsApp will allow users to link their existing account to another secondary mobile device, including a tablet.

Besides, users get only one option when using WhatsApp on desktop or laptop which is the web version of WhatsApp.

Existing WhatsApp accounts can also be linked here.

7. The time limit for deleting sent messages will be extended:

WhatsApp may update the deadline for their 'Delete for Everyone' option.

The messaging platform currently allows deleting messages up to 1 hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds after they are sent.

However, after the upcoming update is rolled out, WhatsApp users will probably have up to 2 days and 12 hours to delete the sent messages.

In fact, this step of the Meta-owned app is to allow users to delete a text even after a long time has passed if they accidentally send it.

8. Admin can delete unwanted messages sent to the group:

Multiple members are associated with a group.

And where there is more than one gathering of people, there will be various opinions or conversations going on.

Now, if a member makes a false comment or sends something wrong in the group, then no one else could delete the message except that member.

But WhatsApp is thinking of bringing a feature through which the group admin will get exclusive rights to delete messages sent by any member.

This ability is limited to group admins only, not available to other members.

9. Recover deleted messages on WhatsApp:

WhatsApp will officially roll out a feature called 'Retrieve deleted messages' in the first half of 2023.

However, the feature in question is only available to beta users at the moment.

However, after successful beta testing, WhatsApp users in every country will get access to this feature.

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