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NanoMVC Better Web Apps With Control And Simplicity

NanoMVC Better Web Apps With Control And Simplicity

 Who should use this framework?

Seasoned PHP developers who are familiar with OOP and the MVC pattern. Programmers who cannot seem to find a good framework and are tired of being forced to use code duplication and hacks to do their job.

What should it be used for?

Quickly building complex web applications that are easy to refactor and scale well against ever-changing customer requirements.


Complexity is the enemy of security, stability and rapid software development. NanoMVC builds on the philosophy that good software is simple.


NanoMVC runs on your standard LAMP/WAMP/MAMP stack without obscure PHP modules. Installation could not be simpler, there is none!


NanoMVC supports modules to separate code, in fact even the core features are contained in modules. Goodbye global variables and hacks!

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