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Google Page Creator is closed for new users

Google Page Creator is closed for new users


The simplest way to build a small, interesting and informative site is to use Google Page Creator. With just one Gmail account, dazzling websites can be created instantly with the same ID or by choosing a different ID. Bad news for those who have not taken this opportunity yet. Google Page Creator is no longer available to new users. Google Page Creator's simplest user-friendly environment for creating and designing websites has closed its doors to new users forever. Google has stated in a notice that Google Page Creator will never accept any new registrations. However, users will be able to access existing sites and enjoy all the features as before. In this generation, website is one of the means by which a company or an individual can express themselves worldwide. However, since its work is very complicated, Google brings Page Creator, which is used by those who do not know any of the coding like HTML, PHP, JavaScript, etc., they can also create an attractive website. But not anymore. Those who have not yet taken advantage of Google Page Creator will no longer be able to. Because the door is closed. Because, the previous generation is dying in the field. This time a new step is coming. The old fades with the new walk. As has been the case with Google Page Creator!

Introducing Google Sites

Let's put a smile on the faces of new users this time. For those who have not yet entered Google Page Creator, Google has closed the silver door of their page creator and opened the golden door of Google Sites, which will take you to a new horizon for present and future generations. Where you can build professional web, without any coding, without any hassle. In the shortest time, attractive eye-catching designs, more user-friendly, create the ability to gain more popularity. Google Sites is a huge addition to what was not in Google Page Creator, where you can control who can edit your site. Google Page Creator did not have this feature. Only you, as the parent can know for sure. Because, the ID and password with which you used to enter Google Page Creator, that ID and password is your Gmail ID and password. Which is extremely risky. There is no question of giving the password of one's email account to another.

However, everyone on Google Sites can edit your site by signing in to their respective Google Account, if you give them the right to edit your site. Google Sites also has almost everything a professional needs to build a website. Before you start working on Google Sites you can look at some example created sites.

What will happen to the old users

Older users have no reason to be afraid. Google has just stopped accepting new sign-ups in Page Creator. Those who already have the site can update their site as usual or use it as usual. However, Google says that by the end of this year, Google Page Creator may be completely gone. If deleted, Google will automatically transfer all information / content from your site to Google Sites. Since the computer is controlled work, some mistakes can be made. As a precaution, Google has advised existing users of their Page Creator to voluntarily transfer to Google Sites on their own initiative.

Get started

Click here to log in with your Gmail ID and password. Click the Create Your Site button on the redirected page. Fill in the form on the screen and click on Create Site and wait.

Your site address on Google Sites will be: where test will be changed and your preferred address will be added. And just like Google Page Creator, Google Sites also gives you 100 MB. The place will be given for free.

So why the delay? Start building the site. And for those who already have a site on Google Page Creator, it is important to get busy right now, because there is almost no possibility of missing content if you transfer information manually.

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